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Creating a Social Media plan for small businesses in 2020


In today's marketing environment, social networks management goes far beyond simply posting on Facebook & Instagram, like any other successful goals, you require a strategy to be successful on your targeted social networks. You can't simply post amusing memes on your brand page and expect great performance. Instead, success today is having a solid plan behind what you publish and the right content that represents your brand or business.

What should a social media material strategy include?

Every post, tweet, or pin should be published with your company's social media digital plan and strategy in mind. It's easy to get caught up in daily posts or developing enjoyable material, but if there isn't a goal-oriented plan in place, you can't tell if you're being successful or stopping working on social media.

Target Audience: 9 out of 10 people can now be reached via social media, however that does not mean that you should aim to reach them all. Take the time to research your target audience who might be interested in your brand and the product or services that you offer.

Content Pillar: No one likes a hard sell. Find a balance of promoting your product or service on your social media platforms whilst also adding content that your audience might find inspiring or useful ( quote of the day, style tips etc ).

Content Format: Plan carefully and come up with a strategy to post your content in different formats that will interest your audience whilst keeping everything within your marketing budget. Videos are a great format for posting on Instagram, whilst stories and live posts can give your fans and audience more bite size updates of your brand.

Schedule: Arranging your social posts to schedule enhances your engagement and enables you to reach your audience at the correct time. Try to publish on different channels at their peak times, where your social media fans are most active. Experiment with scheduling posts things at off-peak times for engagement. Save time by using free social media automation tools like Plaaan.

Key Performance Indicators: Social network metrics are necessary due to the fact that they show you can how effective your social media campaign is, how well your social strategy is performing and also if it will have an impact on your overall brand awareness, engagement and sales. Having these useful metrics on hand will give you a chance to offer enhance and fine tune your content, formats and schedule to further improve your social media management efforts.

When you have a technique and good social media plan in place, it's a good practice to review it from time to time to ensure you're hitting or going beyond the benchmarks you set.

Sounds daunting? Contact our social media experts at SeenSeen for free advice on digital marketing and learn more about our Facebook and Instagram management services!


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