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Procrastination - the daily battle with yourself

Do you ever have the feeling of not bothering doing anything, even though you have a scheduled plan or a deadline looming ahead?

The thought of getting tasks done is overwhelming, but instead you focus on lower priority things that could be done next week instead.

You are not alone. Putting things off, especially boring, tedious tasks is a common habit that many people fall into, even without knowing it themselves, and the more last minute you leave these tasks, the more stressful you get - leading to overall poor performance and even missing deadines.

So what can you do about it?

Procrastinating can really hold you back, but choosing to tackle this bad habit is the first step to self improvment.

Don't wait for the right mood to get things started

A lot of the times, you are thinking 'im not in the mood to start this'.

Instead of focusing on all your energy in avoiding, focus your energy on doing. Dont think overthink things, find a quiet place with few distractoins and get started.

You will be susprised how quickly you will form a routine by doing this for just half an hour each day.

Don't know where to start each day?

A lot of times, your feeling of stress and being overwhelmed is because you dont even know where to start.

The best solution to this is to write 2-3 tasks you need to complete each day, set a goal and achieve it each day. Focus on completing each task as your daily priority, you will have a great sense of achievement and seeing your taks completed and ticked off will be so satisfying!

Don't get yourself into a loop

Nothing in life is perfect, but fixating on a task trying to make it 'perfect' will only lead to more stress and is actually the main reasons of proscrastination.

Strive for consistency and give yourself some slack. daily 1% improvements are better that trying to achieve perfection in a single day.

Another good habit is to set a deadline for each task, by having a mental deadline, you will better prepare the task ahead, become more resourceful and productive.

Remember to give yourself a break!

Breaking out of a bad habit is hard work, work hard and focus on being consistent in improving yourself.

After each task completed, maybe reward yourself, have a dessert, scroll your phone for 10 minutes, these small rewards will keep you motivated, just dont get too carried away!

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